Fujitsubo LHD AE86 Header

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Battle Garage is pleased to be the first stocking distributor of the LHD AE86 header from Fujitsubo!

We first laid eyes on this piece back in 2019 and we were fortunate enough to meet with Mr. Fujitsubo himself and patiently awaited this header's availability to the AE86 world. 

We like that this exhaust manifold:

  1.  Is fully made from stainless steel construction

  2.  Designed to work for LHD cars, including clearing power steering systems and factory Distributor location. *See fitment notes at end of listing*

  3.    Has good pipe diameters and lengths for mild to moderate 4AGE builds, ideally under 170 BHP.  

4.  Currently these are designed to fit 16V only.  You can modify the mounting holes on the #1 and #4 runner to fit a 20V.  

Fujitsubo's spirit is to "produce the highest quality products". This has not changed since Fujitsubo was first established in 1931. This spirit does not only pertain to creating highly efficient and high quality exhausts and manifolds, but it also applies to our customer's satisfaction. This is the reason Research and development is performed with people, motor vehicles, society, environment etc, all thought as one, to create a product through diversity.

Fujitsubo is continuously pursuing advanced technologies. A chassis dynometer, 1/3 octave band sound analysis device, and other specialized equipment are utilized to accumulate important data from the latest technologies. Increased productivity through advanced 3D laser processing machines and automated pipe benders. Strict quality control with CCD cameras, image analysis software, and 3D CAD. Cumulative performance analysis through actual vehicle testing. This type of research, development, and production structure has led to the Fujitsubo patented exhaust manifold (Pat. No. 1320379).


  • Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Improved Exhaust Note


Fitment notes:

  • Toyota Corolla AE86 1983-1987
  • Will not clear the factory position of the oil filter that is utilizing the factory oil cooler. A 4AG/4AFE oil filter spacer eliminator union, or oil filter relocation kit is necessary, and both items are listed on our website! 
  • We have received feedback that this header may run very close to USDM starter motors.  You may need to grind a starter bolt or possibly remove the heat shield over the start motor!