Front Suspension Conversion with Swaybar for KP60, KP61 Starlet

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Modifications will need to be made for this kit to fit the early "Bugeye" style front end.

The front suspension design on the KP61 has was always a "budget design" from Toyota. It utilized the swaybar as the TC (castor) Rod, which made it very hard to get precise steering feedback and stability at high speeds and while cornering.

Our rally customers requested a solution that would convert to a separate TC Rod and swaybar setup in order to provide the better handling of the AE86.

We aim to please, so this is exactly what we've done!

This complete solution includes:

1. Our fully boxed and fabricated adjustable lower control arms 2. Our fully adjustable TC Rods (adjustable from stock to 6 degrees caster if necessary) 3. Modular racing swaybar with that is adjustable for tension and allows you to choose your swaybar stiffness. 4. Heim jointed adjustable endlinks with urethane bushings on the lower mounting point. 5. Front chassis brace/mount that bolts to the stock chassis in 10 factory locations.

All parts are powdercoated or plated for rust prevention.

Requires the use of AE86 stock steering knuckles and strut casings or coilovers (but most everyone considering doing this conversion has already switched to these parts anyways). 



  • Rally Tested and Approved
  • Will arrive ready to bolt on
  • Fully adjustable for alignment