Front Strut Tower Brace for TE72 Corolla (Size A strut tops)

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The TE72 Corolla came with 3 different patterns on the strut tops.

This front strut brace will ONLY fit on the TE72 with size "A" Strut tops. Please compare our diagram to the strut tops in your car and make sure this item will fit your car before ordering.

Light weight aluminum construction, powder coated laser cut steel brackets, and spherical rod end construction with right/left hand threading for an exact adjustable fit.

We chose to powder coat the brackets because it is far more durable than paint. It cost us a little bit more, but we wanted these brackets to stay looking good, no matter how long they are on the vehicle. The color on the brackets is a vibrant dark blue color.

All brackets are laser cut for a super precise finish and alignment.