Front Coilover Conversion for KP61 Starlet with Stock KP61 Strut Casings

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Our Front Coilover Conversion for the KP61 Starlet includes shortened OE strut casings and spindles rebuilt with KYB AGX short stroke shocks. AGX's are adjustable, allowing you to take the car from sport to race heights. They come with your choice of HyperCo Spring or you can upgrade to Swift Springs!

These are built on a custom-order basis with nearly any custom spring rate you want available.

Due to short supply of strut casing cores, you must be able to provide cores to complete this Coilover Conversion.

If you are not able to provide strut casings then please see our Evolved Front Coilover Conversion for AE86 Corolla and consider upgrading to AE86 suspension. The AE86 spindles do require you to upgrade your hubs and brakes to AE86 pieces as well. You will need to source AE86 hubs, caliper brackets, calipers, rotors and possibly a set of Steering Knuckles or Ball Joint Adapter Bushings to complete installation. This change allows you to either source used pieces inexpensively or upgrade to one of our AE86 Big Brake Kits, Steering Knuckle options and AE86 Billet Hubs! 

We offer store credit for your old strut casings as well! They must be in unmodified and in good usable condition to receive full credit.

You can send them to us at 4211 Business Drive Suite A, Shingle Springs, CA 95826. Please include a piece of paper in the box that has your name, phone, number, email, and billing address on it. 

Depending on current demand, fabrication time may be 4-8 weeks



  • Your choice of spring rate!
  • Will arrive ready to bolt on!
  • Race Winning HyperCo Springs included!