Frame Rail Extensions for AE86 Corolla

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One of the weak points in the AE86 chassis, is the half frame rails on the unibody. The factory frame rails extend to just behind the seat area, and and then thin out. There is a break in the rails, then they pick up again by the forward 4 link pickup points. 

We've created these frame rail extensions to address that chassis flex issue and help to greatly stiffen the center of the car.

Made from precision laser cut steel, and formed to perfectly meet the contours of the car, these are a snap to weld in. 

Available with round cut holes on top, or the Techno Toy Tuning Logo.

Also includes a 4 link mount gusset to help further tie things together by binding the forward and rearward frame rails together!


  • Steel Construction
  • Laser cut precision
  • Easy weld in installation