Genuine Toyota OEM Exhaust Donut

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Don't underestimate the performance enhancement of a proper OEM exhaust mounting ring.    

Universal donuts from auto parts supply stores tend to be too tight, and tend to come disconnected on harsher roads. We have also had aftermarket donuts literally crumble in our hands straight out of the package

Under rapid motion, they can also cause your exhaust to constantly smack against your panhard bar, which makes a terrible noise and can lead to all sorts of unwanted wear and suspension issues if left unchecked. These little rings are seriously a one-and-done deal! 

These are sold in a kit of 8 or individually.  An AE86 uses 8 of these donuts for the entire exhaust system. 

Part Fitment:

1980-1985 Toyota Celica
1980-1987 Toyota Levin / Trueno AE86 4AGE
1980-1982 Toyota Corona
1978-1992 Toyota Cressida
1986-1992 Toyota Supra
1983-1988 Toyota Tercel