Energy Suspension Complete Master Bushing Kit for FR-S, BRZ

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The bushings in your car will eventually wear out, affecting not only driving comfort but also handling. Rather than buying separately, Energy Suspension offers a complete master bushing kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ to help you save time and money.

As you'd expect, Energy Suspension's Hyper-Flex bushings offer superior performance than OEM rubber bushings. Their bushings are made from polyurethane, which can withstand more stretching cycles than rubber bushings. In other words, they'll last much longer than OEM bushings.

Additionally, polyurethane offers more strength and stiffness. This helps to reduce chassis flex, resulting in a sharper handling feel and performance. It will also help to maintain proper wheel alignment for a longer period.

The main tradeoff of polyurethane bushings is comfort. Due to its stiffer nature, polyurethane bushings will slightly stiffen the ride. And they're likely to make more noise than rubber bushings when going over bumps and potholes. We don't mind this at all, but this should be taken into consideration for daily-driven FR-S and BRZ.

Energy's master bushing kit will fit the 2013 to 2015 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. See the fitment table for more information.

Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit Includes:

• Front Control Arm Bushing Set

- 2x 3528 Front position vertical bushing.

- 2x 15.10.676.39 (1.125” x .750” x 2.240”) sleeve.

- 2x (2.375” x .2.135” x 1.187”) shell.

- 4x 2914 Rear position horizontal bushing.

- 2x 15.10.360.39 (.875” x .500” x 2.250”) sleeve.

• Rear Control Arm Bushing Set

- 4x 2915 Upper front position bushing.

- 2x 15.10.335.39 (.875” x .500” x 1.943”) sleeve.

- 4x 2916 Upper rear position bushing.

- 2x 15.10.472.39 (.875” x .500” x 2.355”) sleeve.

- 4x 2917 Lower bushing at sub-frame.

- 2x 15.10.437.39 (.875” x .500” x 1.650”) sleeve.

- 4x 2913 Lower bushing at knuckle.

- 2x15.10.245.39 (.750” x .480” x 1.960”) sleeve.

- 4x 2919 Lower trailing bushing at sub-frame.

- 4x 2912 Lower trailing bushing at knuckle.

- 4x 15.10.497.39 (.875” x .500” x 1.880”) sleeve.

- 4x 2918 Lower toe adjust bushing.

- 2x 15.10.673.39 (1.000” x .563” x 1.650”) sleeve.

• Front Rack & Pinion Bushing Set

- 2x 10054 Rack bushing rear.

- 2x 10055 Rack bushing front.

- 2x 15.10.672.39 (.875” x .500” x 2.060”) sleeve.

• Front Sway Bar Bushing Set

- 2x 5962 18mm sway bar bushing.

• Rear Sway Bar Bushing Set

- 2x 5963 14mm sway bar bushing.

- 2x 15.12.120.XX End links.

- 1x 8345 End link bushing.

- 1x 8385 End link bushing.

- 1x 15.10.674.39 (.750” x .406” x 2.160”) sleeve.

- 1x (3/8-16) Flanged nylock nut.

- 1x (3/8-16) Ball stud.

- 1x Threaded rod end link.

- 1x 3-3/4” to 4-3/4” threaded end link.

- 1x (7/16-20) Jam nut.

• Shifter Bushing Set

- 1x 1291 Shifter bushing.

- 2x (.563” x .375” x .800”) sleeve.

- 2x (.875” x .320” x .060”-.070”) washer.

- 2x (M8 x 1.25mm x 35mm) bolt.

This Part Fits:
Year Make Model Submodel
2013-2015 Scion FR-S Base
2013-2015 Subaru BRZ Limited
2013-2015 Subaru BRZ Premium

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