EBC S5 Kits YellowStuff and GD Rotors Brake Kit 2000-2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder

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The brake disc and pads are the two brake components that wear out the most often. Save yourself the hassle of buying separate parts with this rotor (disc) and brake pad kit from EBC Brakes. They're also a great upgrade if you're looking for an MR-S Spyder brake kit.

The YellowStuff is a high friction brake pad from EBC suitable for road use and short periods of track use. The pads are paired with the EBC GD Series spot-drilled vented brake discs, which helps the brake assembly to stay cool during hard use. Additionally, it helps to disperse brake dust and reduces the likelihood of that annoying squealing noise when braking.

If you don't take your MR-S to the track very often, this is the MR-S Spyder brake kit for you. But if you don't do track driving at all, consider the EBC S12 kit with RedStuff pads and RK rotors. They're more suitable for everyday driving while providing superior performance to their OEM counterparts.

Key Features:

  • YellowStuff high friction pads made from aramid fiber-based compounds provide superior braking performance.
  • GD wide aperture rotors help the brakes to remain cool. Treated with thermic black anti-rust coating.
  • The kit is 15% cheaper than buying separately.

Product Warning:

  • Do not remove the black Thermic coating from the discs/rotors. It's meant to be there and will be swept by the brake pads of the vehicle. It's an anti-corrosion coating for rust resistance. Removing the coating will void the EBC Brakes warranty.

Product Info:

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Year Make Model Submodel
2000-2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder Base

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