Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler Kit, 2013-2020 FR-S/86/BRZ

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The Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler Kit is designed specifically for the FA20/24 engine found in the FR-S/86/BRZ lineup. Whether you're running stock or have added forced induction, this kit ensures that your engine operates at optimal temperatures, safeguarding against dangerous spikes in oil temperature.


  • Integrated Liquid to Oil Cooler: Featuring a proprietary design with a 31mm CSF Racing Radiator Core, this kit offers a 100% increase in cooling surface area compared to OEM setups. The CSF Exclusive B-Tube Technology enhances heat transfer efficiency by 15%, ensuring consistent engine performance in all conditions.
  • Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter: The kit includes a specially designed oil cooler adapter, offering enhanced adjustability and ease of installation. With four M22 ports and -10AN fittings, it provides optimal flow and compatibility with aftermarket accessories. The adapter boasts improved socket relief and O-ring design for superior sealing, all finished in a sleek titanium grey anodized finish.
  • -10AN Oil Cooler Lines: Pre-assembled with Aeroquip OE Quality Oil Hose and secured with Oetiker Clamps, the -10AN oil cooler lines ensure reliable performance and durability.
  • Championship Proven: Tested rigorously on both the street and the track, including back-to-back SCCA National Championships, this kit delivers consistent oil temperatures, maintaining a 30ºF temperature delta with coolant.


  • CNC 6061-T6 billet aluminum offset lower arm support brackets
  • Hard anodized finish for durability
  • CNC SS304 offset lower arm spacers


This kit utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry-leading engineering to optimize engine cooling and oil temperature management. From the advanced radiator core to the precision-engineered oil cooler adapter, every component is designed to deliver peak performance and reliability.


  • Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler
  • Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter
  • -10AN Oil Cooler Lines
  • Installation Manual
  • Jackson Racing 1.4bar High-Pressure Cap


Designed as a true plug-and-play solution, the Jackson Racing Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler Kit seamlessly integrates with OEM components, requiring no trimming or cutting during installation. It fits 2013-2020 FR-S/86/BRZ models with ease, ensuring hassle-free compatibility and installation.