Cusco Type-RS LSD for Fast Road and Race AE86

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Differential Character

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Genuine Cusco Product

Suits Zenki and Kouki AE86 with GT-S rear diff.  One of the best LSD's for drivers on the road desiring a smooth and stable LSD operation that is still going to lock up hard when needed.   We recommend 1.5 way for most applications, but 2 way may be desired for competitive drift applications. 

Cusco really outdid themselves with all of the precision adjustability packaged into their groundbreaking Type-RS mechanical limited slip differential. The RS type is designed be smooth, emphasizing a low initial torque activation for better response to delicate pedal work, higher durability and less frequent maintenance from lower friction and steady torque development. Each unit can be tuned according to the user’s needs by the arrangement of the clutch plates, RS springs and cam profile of the pressure ring.  However, you can also purchase it pre-configured for the ramp rate you want. 

The Type-RS is unique because it can be set to One way, 1.5 way and Two way engagement without having to purchase any separate components by changing the cam profile setting on the pressure ring. Furthermore, the initial torque engagement can be specifically adjusted by adding or removing the specialized RS springs. These RS Springs apply constant pressure against the clutch plates at all times, resulting in minimal loss of initial torque over time.


Cusco's exclusive RS clutch plate grooves are cut radially enabling instant oil movement, thus improving efficiency and durability. The pressure ring contact surface is polished for an even and flat contact with the clutch plates. The exclusive Cusco Oil Through System enhances great oil circulation and supply to the necessary areas when used with the Cusco LSD Oil.

Look no further than Cusco to provide a smooth, reliable and remarkably precise LSD unit that can be perfectly adjusted to your wants and needs!

  • Full forged chrome molybdenum steel construction for unparalleled strength and longevity
  • Complete Oil Through System ensures every component is thoroughly lubricated
  • Low maintenance design attributed from the RS spring’s ability to absorb initial torque and provide low friction when not engaged which equates to low wear on everything overtime
  • Ability to freely adjust between One way, 1.5 way, 2 way directly out of the box
  • Race proven in numerous Drifting, Gymkhana and Racing machines to withstand abuse while maintaining superior quality and reliability

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