Cusco Sway Bar Front 16mm Soft Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86

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Upgrade your Subaru BRZ or Toyota GR86's performance with the Cusco Sway Bar Front 16mm Soft, a specialized solution for optimizing your driving experience. Tailored for tighter turns, this sway bar minimizes body roll while maximizing corner exit grip, ensuring superior handling on the road. Cusco's Sway Bars, available for both front and rear applications, go beyond reducing body roll—they allow you to fine-tune oversteer and understeer based on the bar's size and position. Choose from adjustable and non-adjustable options with varying diameters to meet your specific driving preferences. With a sleek Cusco blue finish, these Sway Bars are not only high-performance but also aesthetically pleasing, providing a direct bolt-on installation with all the necessary hardware. Elevate your driving dynamics with precision and style.

Part Fitment:

  • ZN6 2012+
  • ZN8 2022