Cusco Exhaust Hanger - Generic

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These Cusco Exhaust Hangers eliminate excessive movement in the exhaust system and reduce noise while keeping your exhaust firmly planted in place under even the most extreme driving conditions, and will also solve clearance issues that commonly come with oversized exhaust systems and mufflers on popular exhaust systems!

  • Comes in iconic Cusco blue
  • 15mm Hole ID x 35mm Distance (Hole to Hole) x 25mm 

SIDENOTE: THESE ARE PRICED INDIVIDUALLY! Please assess your own exhaust system to determine how many you will need.

Part Fitment:

These hangers are best utilized on custom exhaust systems.  These may be too tight to use on a factory style exhaust sytem!

1980-1987 Toyota Levin / Trueno AE86 4AGE