HKS Fine Tuning Timing Belt & Cam Gear Package for 4AGE 16V

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Genuine HKS product in their signature purple.

This kit pairs the HKS Fine Tuning Timing Belt with the HKS Slide Cam Gear Pulleys!

Whether your car is 16v or 3SGE powered, your engine wont skip a beat with a stylish fine tuning timing belt designed by HKS to keep up with high RPMs and stress under any heat condition.

We highly recommend that users invest in a high quality timing belt such an HKS Fine Tuning unit as it will give you peace of mind behind the interference that your pistons and valves will encounter when snapping a belt, it happens to the best of us!

  • Guaranteed stable belt tension even if heat expansion occurs in the engine
  • Optimized deep teeth surface area to ensure full contact and tension
  • Heat and waterproof core wire wrapped in aramid fiber and nylon
  • Thick gear teeth made H-NBR grade rubber for maximum strength


At the end of the day, your adjustable cam gears need to be straight, durable, and easy to adjust. Anything else is mainly a gimmick or for style. Using cam gears only from well known manufacturers can pretty much guarantee all three points. We happen to like HKS cam gears because they have proven durability and quality control, are easy to make and view adjustments, and look awesome.

Why would you want adjustable cam gears? On modified engines with aftermarket cams, cam timing becomes CRITICAL. The more aggressive the camshaft, the more carefully cam timing has to be set in order for the car to not fall on its face (barring other tuning errors).