CUSCO CB Rear Strut Brace for AE86 (Carbon Fiber)

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Genuine Cusco Product

  • The most lightweight and rigid strut bar on the market.
  • Crafted from 38mm aluminum piping, layered with 1mm of pure carbon fiber for extreme lightness and unmatched strength.
  • Steel endplates and brackets painted in a gorgeous titanium finish.
  • Guaranteed flawless, hassle free fitment and bolt on installation.
  • NAPAC Certified!

    After 30 years of use, the AE86 chassis often feels floppy and unpredictable, especially after being lowered on harsh coil overs and frequent street or race use. 

    Strut Tower Bars eliminate chassis flex at the most vital area of the car, between the strut towers, preventing misalignment of suspension mounting points often experienced during high cornering loads.

    Cusco brand Strut Tower Bars are engineered inside and out to fit without fuss. The interior of the hollow shafts are strategically designed to be lightweight while providing unparalleled rigid strength!