AE86 Fujitsubo Legalis R Twin Tail Exhaust Muffler

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Precision crafted in Japan by world renowned exhaust manufacturer Fujitsubo at their FGK Factory, the Legalis R is a high quality overaxle exhaust system that performs as well as it sounds.



This high flow stainless steel exhaust system is great for nearly any application from completely stock engines to mild tune high compression engines, providing increased mid-range RPM response and power. The sweet tone isn’t too loud either, with just two decibels over the original AE86 exhaust system, the Legalis R is the perfect compromise between normal street car pipes and a full high tune sports system. You can expect little to no drone on the highway while hearing the deep gurgle and classic 4AG rasp under power.

AE86 High Performance Exhaust Muffler

The sexy, twin tip is angled so that upon proper installation, it points perfectly straight under the OEM bumper cutout for JDM and Aero Kitted bumpers, this is designed to accommodate the AE86 gas tank and shroud.

Exhaust Specifications:

Pipe Diameter: 50.8mm
Tip Diamter: 70mm at a 21 degree

Idle: 62dB (AE86 OEM: 60dB)
@~4950rpm: 87dB (AE86 OEM: 85dB)


  • Twin Exit Tip
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Gorgeous, strong, high quality welds
  • Efficient overaxle design for maximum ground clearance
  • High quality stainless steel exhaust hangers in OEM positions
  • JASMA certified

Included with your new exhaust system:

(2) M10 x 20 Flange Bolt & Nut Set
(1) Flange Gasket
(1) Ring Gasket