OEM Toyota Steering Rack Boots and Hardware for the AE86 and other Toyotas

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Over time, the original boots on these old 80's & 90's cars get exposed to so many hardships such as flying debris, mud, and other road crud. This kit allows for a full refresh and comes with brand-new protective hardware to make sure the inner components of your steering rack live another day! And the best part? It's cross compatible with the Toyota's listed below.
Please note we highly recommend ensuring your steering rack is properly sealed against said crud.  In our opinion, OEM rubber tends to last longer than aftermarket brands so this would be our go to if budget allows. 
Kit includes:
  • x2 Clamps
  • x2 Clips
  • x1 Rear Driver Side Axle Boot
  • x1 Rear Passenger Side Axle Boot
Part Fitment:
1982-1993 Toyota Corolla
1982-1993 Toyota Celica
1985-1995 Toyota MR2
1981-1984 Toyota Starlet
1986-1998 Toyota Supra
1999-2000 Toyota Tacoma