Carbing Solid Aluminium 2 Point Strut Brace for AE86

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Genuine CARBING product

Stiffen up your AE86’s 30 year old chassis with CARBING’s light weight and rigid, one piece welded strut tower bar. These strut tower bars are ideal for enthusiasts who want something with no flexible joints or extra brackets that may wear out, providing slop and decreased performance over time.

Frequently raced and street driven cars that have been lowered often have tired suspension mounting points resulting in a floppy, unpredictable mushy driving feel. Strut Tower Bars eliminate chassis flex at the most vital area of the car, between the strut towers, preventing misalignment of suspension mounting points often experienced during high cornering loads.

  • Completely welded piece (no pivot points) with a 5mm thick base plate.
  • Supreme quality A6063S aluminum construction for superior rigidity and light weight.
  • Painted in a clean and fresh Gloss white.
  • NAPAC Certified!