Buddy Club Racing Spec Sport Reclinable Seat

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We are pleased to bring in the Buddy Club Racing Spec Sport Reclinable Seat to the Battle Garage Store. We see this seat as a perfect blend of performance and comfort


The step-less adjustable reclining mechanism allows the user to find the ideal driving position.

By utilizing Alcantara fabric to cover the Racing Spec Sport Seat, Buddy club is able to minimize seat slippage, while holding the user firmly in place with style and luxury. 

Racing Spec Sportシート

Redesigned with advanced anatomy data collected during endurance racing, the newly developed seat padding achieves maximum comfort, while helping reduce driver fatigue. This becomes indispensable when racing for long periods of time. 

The seat is available by itself, or with the seat rail adapter plates for mounting these on to Buddy Club standard side-mount seat rails, or any seat rails with similar measurements.

Seat Mounting hole dimensions:
This seat has 4 threaded mounting bosses on the underside of the seat. 
The dimensions of the mounting points are 290 MM Wide and 327mm Long.  
This seat is compatible with Buddy Club sliders (sold here) but you must add the "Adapter Option".  

Please note, this seat may be mountable with BRIDE MO seat rails, but you will need to adjsut the mounting point on the Bride rails by massaging the mounting holes from 330mm to 327mm, to match the Buddy Club dimensions. 

The Adapter plates allow for a wide range of lateral adjustment to best tailor the seat to your desired seating position. 


Optional adapters shown below:



Racing Spec Sportシート