Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser III Ground System

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Style up your engine bay with this awesome grounding accessory from Buddy Club! Grounding kits such as this were a popular accessory for AE86's back in the day and who doesn't love a good throwback part?

From Buddy Club:

Capacitor Effects

Increased Engine Performance (HP/Torque).

High Rev RPM.

More Stable Low Speed & Idle, Better Throttle Response.

Increased Fuel Economy.

Reduced Environmental Pollution.

Reduced Battery Load (Increased Battery Life).

Increased Output Power For Aftermarket Sound Systems.


Long Term Research & Development, has netted Excellent Results with an increase in Horse Power and Torque on Every Test Vehicle. Buddy club has made these changes over development:

Redesigned High Speed Capacitor To Increase Performance.

Special New LED Design To Reduce Power Draw on the Battery.

Specially Designed Ground Cables Come With 24K Gold Coating. 

Condenser Specifications

12V Power - Designed For Gasoline/Diesel, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicles. 

Included in the Kit are 3 Specific Grounding Wires.

Protects against Voltage Spikes.

Reduces Amount of Strain on the User's Vehicle Electrical System

Increases Vehicle's Electrical Current Flow & Throttle Response

Adds a "Dress Up" Element to the Vehicle's Engine Bay