Buddy Club Lug Nut Ti-color (Inconel 625) 4pc

Regular price $37.91

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What set of wheels is complete without a set of proper lug nuts?

Buddy Club manufactures their lug nuts with high strength chromoly steel, which gives them the high strength and rigidity you expect for a high quality racing lug nut. 

Their lugs nuts are carefully manufactured one by one using state-of-the-art equipment such as the Kei NC lathe to ensure a high precision finish that meets racing standards.

Currently Available in 12mm x 1.5mm, which is the correct size for Corollas, or 12mm x 1.25mm. You can either get them in a Beautiful Titanium Color Finish.

Price is per set of four, so a 4 lug car would need 4 of these lug nut packs