Buddy Club P1 Limited Bucket Seat Black V.2

Buddy Club P1 Limited Bucket Seat Black V.2


  • 49500

BUDDY CLUB P-1 Limited edition bucket seat has quality, safety and leading ergonomics built in. The experience and knowledge gained through the development of professional Motorsport has been used to create this high performance seat for road use. This seat offers excellent lateral support. The fabric used is a firm, comfortable, hard wearing twill with exceptional safety.

The sizing and style is perfect for Corolla drivers who want a performance seat for their car. We offer both a standard and wide variant to accommodate several types of drivers.


Features of this seat include: 

- Carbon or FRP construction for ultra lightweight and maximum strength
- Improved cushion design to aid comfort
- 5 harness slots
- High sides from increased lateral support
- Hard friction suede trim for increased support.

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