Brake Master Cylinder Brace for the AE86 Corolla

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We are super happy with how these turned out. They are so pretty it seems a shame to take them off the shelf and put them on a car!

Under hard braking the firewall on many cars flexes and provides a less sure brake pedal feel.  This brace is designed as solid reinforcement to the master cylinder and to elminate firewall flex.

What this means for  you, is a firmer pedal that is much more consistent under hard braking.

These mount directly to the fender, with all stainless hardware and  using factory threaded holes in the fender. These are a direct bolt on with no modifications needed.  The unit is easily adjustable to provide a positive connection to the brake master cylinder.

Machined from a solid chunk of billet aluminum, and designed with stiffening gussets built right in!

Available in stunning black finish.

Tested only on the Left Hand Drive cars at this point. Will update results once tested on right hand drive cars.

 These are now only available in a black finish


  • Solid Billet Construction
  • Anodized in awesome red
  • Solid pedal feel under hard braking
  • Direct Bolt on
  • Fits LHD cars only at this time
  • Stainless mounting hardware
  • Very compact
  • Compatible with our Booster Shield