BLOX Racing Rear Lower Control Arms Red for 86, FR-S, BRZ

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Whether you need new control arms because the old ones are broken or you need an upgrade from the OEM ones, we have this BLOX Racing rear lower control arm for the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ.

BLOX Racing's rear lower control arm is made from steel. The biggest advantage they have over OEM ones is that it features multiple mounting points for the rear knuckle, shocks, and sway bar end links. Additionally, the design allows for more camber adjustment—great for vehicles that have been lowered beyond the OEM's adjustment range and capabilities.

The control arms also feature polyurethane bushings. They are stronger than rubber OEM bushings, resulting in a sharper handling feel and longer service life. However, the stiff nature of polyurethane bushings means they're more likely to create a squeaking noise while driving.

This lower rear control arm will fit multiple model years and trims of the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ (ZN6 and ZC6 chassis). See the fitment table for more information. Comes as a pair in red.

This Part Fits:
  • ZN6 2012+