BGRS x Swift AE86 Springs (Rear, non-height adjustable)

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Spring Rate

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Genuine BGRS x Swift Product

  • Fine-tuned Swift Racing springs 
  • Built to BGRS specifications - rate, height, and color
  • Increase rear traction - less hopping, more grip
  • Perfect for fast road use and track
  • AE86 rear springs only, for use on OEM rear axle mounts
  • Priced per pair



Swift Progressive springs for AE86 by Battle Garage

Specially tuned progressive curve specific for the AE86 rear suspension characteristics. 

4.5kg/mm BGRS Swifts are now progressive.  We worked with Swift springs for months and tested several prototype springs to realize a spring that is ideal for people that drive their AE86's hard on real world roads. 

5.5kg/mm BGRS Swifts remain linear.  For those using spring rates in the 8Kg/mm range, you will have the best performance and results with our 5.5kg/mm springs.  These linear springs will be best suited to a more aggressive driver that values performance over ride quality. 

These springs ride slightly lower than TRD race springs.  Here's a customer car running the BGRS Swifts. 


Technical info:

We have been advocating a drop in rear spring rate from the ubiquitous 8kg/mm front, 6Kg/mm rear springs setup for some time.  TRD rear springs are discontinued leaving the user with no choice but to source used springs, or go with coilovers. 

We worked closely with Swift springs to bring you a spring that offers better compliance and traction than a competing spring from another manufacture.  Coupled with our experience, we can now offer a spring that's dialed in specifically with the AE86's heavy rear axle in mind.  To reduce rear end hop over large bumps in the road (and freeway), we recommend dropping the rear rate from 6kg/mm down to 4.5 or 5.5kg/mm.  

Our theory is that the 6kg/mm rear spring rate that comes with off the shelf coilovers or other aftermarket springs is far too stiff for how light the rear ends of these cars are.  The BGRS x Swift springs are about the same height, but Swift's cold wound spring technology allows for more compliance throughout the suspension's stroke.  Dropping the spring rate down will give you more speed through turns by letting the front of the car combat more of body roll, allowing the rear tires to generate more lateral and forward grip.  

We offer the springs in our recommended 4.5K/mm rear spring rate.  This will pair up beautifully with 7kg/mm front springs on most cars, but even using just 4.5K in the front with 8K up front will allow for a more stable car.  If you experience more push then you'd like, you can drop down to a 6-7kg/mm front Swift coilover spring (also available through Battle Garage) or install a slighty larger rear sway bar.

Front Spring Rate (Kg/mm) Rear Spring Rate (Kg/mm)
8  5-5.5
7 4.5-5
6 4-4.5