BGRS x Breeze Fabrications 4 Links

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We are excited to finally release our collaboration with Breeze Fabrication on creating an adjustable 4 link solution for all types of AE86 enthusiasts. 

Why do you need adjustable 4 links?

If you lower an AE86 or any chassis with a 4 link solid axle setup, the suspension geometry is altered beyond simply lowering the ride height. One significant change that occurs under the rear of the car is the pinion angle, or the angle between the differential's pinion and the driveshaft. If the vehicle is lowered and there is no change made to the 4 link length, premature damage may occur to the pinion bearing, u joints, and tail shaft bearing. These Breeze fab 4 links solve this problem by allowing you to set the pinion angle after the vehicle is lowered. 

In addition to setting proper pinion angle, adjustable 4 links allow you to adjust anti squat, which helps mitigate wheel hop while driving. 

What sets the Breeze Fabrication 4 links apart?

We worked closely with Breeze Fab in order to create a 4 link kit with top notch construction, quality components, and a beautiful Battle Garage Green finish. Each link is comprised of TIG welded 4130 chromoly steel, hand crafted in Southern California. 

We offer three options for these links:

1) Full Hiem Joint- This is for those who desire performance over comfort and will provide the most responsive (and noisy) ride

2) Full Poly Bushing- This is for those who want the smoothest and quietest ride possible 

3) Half Hiem Half Poly Bushing- This is for those who want the best of both worlds- More streetable than the full heim option while retaining some of the performance benefits

If you wish to add the optional rod end seals, please add them separately into your cart after adding the 4 links

Car Make Autohaus used these 4 links to create useful guides on install and setting pinion angle that we highly recommend wtaching: