BGRS x Annex Suspension Group FastRoad Pro Coilover System for AE86

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BGRS x Annex Suspension Group Fast Road Coilovers for AE86 chassis




We worked with Annex Suspension Group for several months to help design the perfect weekend warrior coilover system for the AE86 chassis! 

Shown with optional Swift upgrade front and rear.  RCA's included!

Annex worked with BGRS to increase usable stroke for the AE86 and provide customized valving for our light weight sports cars!  

For a given ride height, stroke is the shock's range of travel

Recognizing that the rear of the car with the heavy live axle is often where grip is limited the most, we focused on increasing rear stroke to provide sufficient bump and droop travel for AE86's setup at what we consider a "weekend warrior" ride height seen below:

 AE86 on Annex Suspension Group Coilovers

 Annex's FastRoad Pro product is unique in that it includes road noise isolators that dramatically reduce NVH transmitted into the cabin while still allowing camber plates and pillow ball mounts for sharp steering input.

Annex Suspension Group Road Noise Isolators

 The FastRoad Pro also includes spring seat bearings as standard (no need to pay to upgrade) for increased road feel, much lighter steering effort at parking speeds, and less chance of spring noise.  This is a must have for the AE86 in our opinion!

We worked with the Annex team to provide valving that blows off when potholes and race track berms are hit at speed.   Yet, there is plenty of spring rate and rebound dampening to provide great body control.  We worked with a handful of testers early on to dial in the spring rates and damping and the results have exceeded our expectations. 

When you are at the track, just dial up the damping on the 24 position dampening knob and be rewarded with firm turn-in and even greater chassis control.  

CMAH AE86 on Annex Coilovers

Photocredit:  Sharplite Media and SpeedSF!

 The coilovers provide excellent control yet soak up the big bumps while drifting too.  You will experience greater front and rear end grip with the Annex setup!

AE86 drifting with Annex Suspension Group Coilovers

For our customers that live in areas that receive heavy rain and snow, you might be happy to know that the FastRoad Pro series uses an industry leading triple nickel plated finish with an NiCr sealant layer.  What this means is your shock bodies are extremely resistant to rusting caused by snow, rain, and salt!

NiCr Shock Bodies for Annex Suspension Group Coilovers

 We also appreciate that this company sweats the small stuff, such as a nice feeling adjustment knob as well as self-centering lock rings. 

Annex Suspension Group coilovers with 24 Clicks of Adjustment

Annex Suspension Group Self-Centering lock-rings


Our recommended spring rates are in the table below:

 Usage Front  Rear
Daily Driver/ weekend Canyons/Some track 7k Prog. 4.7K BGRS Swift Prog.
Mostly track / Some Daily 7K Swift 5.5k BGRS Swift Prog.
Track / Drift focused 8k Default or Swifts 6K Default Linear springs


Need help picking spring rates? Annex can help! Fill out their free suspension consultation here: 

FastRoad Pro Specifications:

  • 24 Way adjustable
  • Monotube with high pressure Nitrogen gas
  • Optimized shock stroke and valving for the US market (special attention on soaking up road imperfections and moderate sized bumps) 
  • Spring rates carefully chosen to balance body roll, daily comfort, and still provide neutral handling characteristics
  • T6 6061 Hard anodized camber plates and lock rings
  • NiCr coated shock bodies for improved corrosion resistance vs competitors 
  • Integrated spring perch bearings for increased steering feel and less steering friction 
  • Road Noise Isolators for less noise ingress into the cabin
  • Front Aluminum camber plates for struts, or top hats for double a-arm layouts. 
  • T6 Aluminum AE86 RCA's included!
  • Optional True Rear Setup- For $100 more, you can upgrade to the True Rear configuration, which may better suit your setup

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 In car footy below from Kyle. S:


**As with most performance and custom built coilover systems, lead time for builds can be 3-5 weeks**