Annex Suspension Group ClubSpec Pro Coilover System for AE86 / TE72

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The BGRS x Annex Suspension Group ClubSpec Pro Coilovers for AE86 and TE72 Chassis




After the success of the development of the FastRoad Pro coilover line for the AE86, we decided to go racing!  

 ClubSpec Pro came about when we asked Annex Suspension Group to work with our AE86 drivers with the goal of developing the fastest AE86 suspension for drift or time attack possible.  

ClubSpec Pro™ Specifications:

  • 24 Way adjustable
  • Monotube with high pressure Nitrogen gas
  • Optimized shock stroke and valving for the US and European race tracks with less than ideal surfaces 
  • Proprietary Double Digressive CSP Race Pistons
  • T6 6061 Hard anodized camber plates and lock rings
  • NiCr coated shock bodies for improved corrosion resistance vs competitors 
  • Integrated spring perch bearings for increased steering feel and less steering friction  
  • T6 6061 Aluminum AE86 RCA's included!
  • Includes 60mm ID Swift Springs in user chosen spring rates


Tuning and Rear Shock Selection

 ClubSpec Pro can be built in either True Rear or OEM / Divorced spring configuration.  For motorsport use, True Rear can offer easier spring rate tuning options, while offering performance advantages such as higher roll stiffness for a given spring rate, as well as lower overall weight.  CSP's are valved and tuned differently for True Rear vs OEM spring configuration.  Rear chassis reinforcements for True Rear setups is recommended but not required in our opinion, but it's up to the customer to decide if the chassis is solid enough to have the weight of the rear of the vehicle resting on the rear shock tower mounts!  If in doubt, please consult with us to find the best setup for your intended use! 

Recommended Spring Rates, True Rear Coilover Setup:

 Modifications and intended Usage  Front - Swift Rear - Swift
Competitive Road Racing, 100 UTQG  or Lower (Semi-Slicks), with Front + Front / Rear Aero.  9Kg/mm 7Kg/mm
Club Racing, Time Attack, HPD events, 100-220 UTQG, no Aero.
Competitive Drift Events
8Kg/mm  6Kg/mm 


 Recommended Spring Rates, Divorced (OEM Style) Rear:

 Modifications and intended Usage Front - Swift Rear Spring
Competitive Road Racing, 100 UTQG  or Lower (Semi-Slicks), with Front + Front / Rear Aero. 9KG/mm 6Kg/mm (not-swift)
Club Racing, Time Attack, HPD events, 100-220 UTQG, no Aero. 8Kg/mm
Competitive Drift Events 8Kg/mm 5.5Kg/mm 

Unsure what spring rates are best for you? Annex offers free Spring Rate Consultations! Fill out their Spring Rate Consultation Form here and they will review and advise on rates personalized to your specific needs!

*** For Divorced  "6kg/mm (Default Spring)" no Swift options is available in this rate, so the default spring can be provided.  A discount of $100 will be credited for this option after the sale

 Notes:  If your car has a swap (BEAMS, F20C, SR20DET, 1/2JZ, or 1UZ ) please add 1KG/mm to the front spring weights to account for the greater weight of the engine, and to add more traction to the rear wheels. 


Joshua Garcia's Global Time Attack AE86 with ClubSpec Pros.  This same suspension helped reduce his lap time at The Circuit of the Americas by 7 seconds compared to his previous setup!  PC: Willful Design and Photography 


Progression D's Niko Isihos tested Annex ClubSpec Pros vs a competing suspension system back to back at Englishtown, New Jersey.  The driver reported way more grip, composure, and confidence while drifting on a bumpy course.  Watch their comparison  video below!


All ClubSpec Pro coilovers come with hard anodized Type III lock rings, and helper springs front and rear!  These details improve the longevity, and ultimate performance of this race bred suspension. 


The Annex Research and Development team measured and weighed our very own AE86's to make sure the valving was spot on for the AE86 chassis.  Both Hatch backs and Coupes were analyzed, and even TE72 chassis too.  BEAMS swapped Corollas were measured to ensure that the Annex team could understand the subtle suspension differences that would be required with more power but more weight over the front axle.   


 BGRS 7AGE 20V car weighed in at 2150 lbs.

 This BEAMS powered TE72 also weighed in around 2150 but had more front weight bias. 

A handful of AE86's and TE72 were corner scaled to properly understand each chassis!

Over the course of a year, the race valving was tested at local race tracks with plenty of large bumps and berms.  This feedback is crucial because a lesser suspension can work on a smooth track but the deficiencies will become more obvious when being raced on a bumpy track. 


 Annex's very own Chris Van testing prototype ClubSpecs at a bumpy ThunderHIll Raceway.  PC: Sharplite Media


The same record setting double digressive race pistons and valving profiles have been spec'd just for the AE86 chassis!  The result is incredible grip over a variety of track surfaces, including rumble strips and berms!

Each set of Annex coilovers are hand built, shim by shim, by a team of experts using tight tolerance parts with an in-house designed double digressive piston.   The final result is verified on a Roehrig dyno to ensure shocks match with each other within just a few percent!   A typical deviation for a traditional sport shock absorber can be as much as 10-15%. 

Special rear top hats were designed and rapid prototyped for our true rear option to allow for the maximum amount of droop and provide clearance for helper springs (a necessity on a competitive race prepared vehicle)

And just like they did with FastRoad Pro, Annex focused on increasing rear stroke to provide sufficient bump and droop travel for AE86s. 

For competition cars, the true rear option allows for the most grip while providing weight savings.  It is essential to use helper springs on a race prepared suspension to help the car put power down on corner exit!   ClubSpec Pro uses helper springs on all four corners to maximize droop and grip over a variety of track surfaces. 

 All ClubSpec Pro coilovers come with hard anodized Type III lock rings, and helper springs front and rear!  These details improve the longevity, and ultimate performance of this race bred suspension. 

The ClubSpec Pro also includes Koyo sealed radial bearings as standard (no need to pay to upgrade) for increased road feel, much lighter steering effort at parking speeds, and less chance of spring noise.  This is a must have for the AE86 in our opinion!

A total of 24 points of damping adjustment allow the driver to adjust internal bleed for smooth tracks like Laguna Seca or COTA, or for bumps and ripples at tracks like ButtonWillow Raceway.  Extensive testing with Annex's race team allowed us to optimize compression and rebound curves created specifically to help maximize grip and minimize large chassis disturbances from berms or jumps at the track.  Amazingly, the ride quality over gaps or harsh impacts is still nice enough for street use!  We attribute this to a carefully designed compression curve that blows off when hitting a high velocity impact. 

 PC: T.Scott Visuals


We  appreciate that this company sweats the small stuff, such as a nice feeling adjustment knob as well as self-centering lock rings. 

Annex Suspension Group Self-Centering lock-rings



Progression D tests ClubSpec Pro at English Town Raceway's drift course! 

 Annex covers all of the AE86 specific engineering that makes it into a set of Annex Coilovers. 

Watch @Joshiroku hotlap The Circuit of The Americas  during a Global Time Attack event on Annex ClubSpec Pros. 


**As with most performance and custom built coilover systems, lead time for builds can be 3-5 weeks**