BGRS AE86 Hub Centric Rings

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These Add-on hub-centric AND wheel-centric adapters are sold in pairs and are specifically for our AE86-specific wheel spacers.



We already made our wheel spacers a perfect fit to your AE86 hubs, now you can select a wheel-centric ring that is designed to perfectly fit your old-school wheels.  Having wheel-centric rings installed will reduce the chances of wheels being installed off-center, which can cause steering wheel shakes and wear on many of the other steering components. 

We are grateful to our local AE856 owners who generously provided their popular wheel models, including SSR MK2, Watanabe RS R-Type, Volk Racing TE37, Rays Gram Lights 57CR, and SSR Longchamp. Their collaboration allowed us to meticulously measure and develop the perfect fitment for your favorite classic JDM wheels.



Pictured below are the actual wheels used in the RND process for designing hub-centric rings and wheel spacers. Special thanks to our local Bay Area customers for helping us with this task!

Made of a durable yet non-scratch-inducing delrin, these rings are precision machined to provide a perfect fit for mounting your old-school wheels.  They are even carefully chamfered to make it easy to install and remove your wheels and spacers.  You can add these to your BGRS wheel spacers by simply snapping them into place.  Finally, un-snapping them to swap sizes when it's time to mount your track wheels is a breeze. 

You've likely spent a ton of time and resources getting your AE86 to this point, why settle for cheap slip-on spacers when you can have these AE86-specific wheel accessories mating your nice wheels to your 86? 
These adapters are sold in pairs.  Please choose the size or wheel model below when ordering: 


72mm OD (Outer Diameter)

  • SSR MK2

73mm OD

  • Watanabe RS R-Type

  • Volk Racing TE37

  • Rays Gram Lights 57CR

74mm OD

  • SSR Longchamp

If you would be interested in using these adapters but don't see your wheel ID or model listed here, please contact us to inquire about producing them for your car.  Please note that one-off spacers may incur a custom engineering fee if they are for an uncommon size or wheel model.