BGRS Haltech Elite 4AGE 20V Plug and Play ECU Kit

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Battle Garage Racing Service original product

  • Plug and Play Haltech Elite 550/750 ECU for 4AGE 20V
  • For Blacktop and Silvertop 20V's, turbo or N/A (turbo may require a crank trigger, sold separately)
  • All-inclusive base map - cold start, accel enrichment, cruise, and other maps developed by BGRS specifically for 4AGE 20V engines.
  • Follow the instructions, plug in, turn the key, and drive to your tuner!
  • Full harness for AE86 and other RWD applications.  If not being used on an AE86, Just ask for the "Universal harness" option when checking out for non-AE86 RWD applications.  
  • Universal Harness is 95% complete. All 20V engine connectors are finished. Power, ground, fuel pump, and RPM connectors left bare, allowing the flexibility to customize to nearly any RWD chassis.
  • This full Harness only works with Left-hand drive 20V swaps! Please contact our support email if you are interested in a Right-hand drive full harness variant BEFORE placing an order. 
  • If you are using A/C please let us know when ordering. 
  • Patch harness suites AE86, MR2, KE70, MGB, Sunbeam, Locost, and basically any car with a 20V 4AGE swap (Must be wired for Blacktop electronics - Silvertop Air Flow Metering flap not supported)
  • The Full harness will not work with transverse-mounted engines (ex. MR2)


 Patch and Full harness option pictured above


Customer cars running BGRS Haltech ECU Kits

What is included in the box?  

  • Haltech Elite 550 or 750, USB interface cable
  • Patch Harness for 20V or Full Engine Harness for 20V with break out connectors for aux. output with easy to use color coded wires.
  • Haltech and Battle Garage installation manuals


Is your 20V swap slow?  Getting poor fuel economy?  Hesitating at partial throttle?  While capable of making amazing sounds, most 20V swaps leave a lot to be desired.  BGRS believes the OEM ECU to be the root cause of many of these issues.  

Here is a dyno plot of typical gains you can expect after getting the ECU tuned, when compared to the factory ECU:


This plug and play kit is designed around the new Elite 550 and 750 stand alone ECU.  We chose Haltech because of its large support network, ease of use, and its reliability.  This kit is intended to be used with a Silvertop or Blacktop 4AGE 20V Engine and is available with a patch harness or with a full engine bay harness.  Patch harness version only supports Blacktop electronics.   This kit does not require any special trigger wheel!  It works with the factory cam angle sensor for full sequential fuel and ignition control.  Drivability and ease of installation are the key benefits of this kit and proprietary base map.  Once installed and with final tuning done by your local tuner, your 20V will really wake up and pull hard.

Why do we recommend ditching the OEM ECU on a 20V? Typically the OEM Blacktop ECU does a poor job providing ultimate power and fuel economy due to faulty ECU’s, and possibly faulty knock circuitry that constantly pulls timing.    The silvertop ECU requires a restrictive air flow meter.  Furthermore, if you wish to modify your engine with larger cams, boost, etc, the OEM ECU will no longer work. 

BGRS has created this kit more out of passion than for monetary gain.  For the years we have been in business, we were tired of seeing enthusiasts throw out 20V engine in favor for Honda swaps, BEAMS swaps, etc, because the 20V wasn’t delivering the goods or never running correctly with the OEM ECU.  Our first version of the kit (based on the Platinum sport ECU series) proved to be a very reliable way to boost power and driveability with many reports back that the included base map was hard for their tuner to improve upon!  We decided to take advantage of the new Elite series ECU and update the kit to provide even more features while keeping the price about the same as the old generation.   

Our kit supports these aux. outputs and inputs by default with the included break out connectors:

  • Closed loop fuel control via Wideband and Narrow Band 
  • Toyota Idle Air Valve control (Now with closed loop control!)
  • OEM 20V Coil or Toyota/Honda Coil on Plug Ignition (COP not included)
  • Fuel Pump,  VVT (with intelligence) are controlled and configured in this kit (Elite 550 and 750)
  • Radiator fan control, and check engine light control with OBDII error codes to alert driver if there are any sensor malfunctions (Elite 750 only)
  • CANbus communication for race dash, iPhone / Android / Tablet display (WiFi adapter for phone display available separately).
  • Additional outputs for turbo, NOS, etc. can be configured by your tuner (750 only)
  • Full installation manual written by Battle Garage:


Step-by-step guide written by BGRS included.

 Ordering Information:

Please choose between ECU kit with your choice of harness - patch harness for use with 20V engine wiring for an already running 20V swap, or full engine harness for new wiring and new 20V sensor connectors.  Silvertop versions are special order, please contact us to order if you have a Silvertop 20V. 

The Elite 550 and 750 differ in the optional outputs supplied as well as the ECU self tuning feature (Long Term Fuel Trim).  Choose the Elite 750 option to gain ECU self tuning, radiator fan control, check engine light control, as well as up to 2 additional user configurable outputs to control NOS, turbo, anti-lag, 5th injector, etc

Regarding closed loop O2 control:  This kit supports your OEM narrowband O2 sensor but we recommend purchasing this Wideband O2 sensor so you can have full closed loop control at any RPM and throttle input.  This will help ensure your engine runs safely and smoothly at wide open throttle as well as cruise and idle (narrowband O2).   

Regarding COPS:  This kit supports COPS running sequentially (as Toyota intended) and is controlled with our base map out of the box.  We can also provide a full harness wired for COPS, or a COP harness sub-harness for LHD AE86 that only requires basic wiring to connect to your patch harness.  Please contact us for details and pricing. 

Basic support from Battle Garage Racing Service is provided free of charge.  For advanced trouble shooting, check with your tuner or Haltech USA for additional help. 

 ** The BGRS Tune and customer support is free for any Haltech purchased through us. We are currently unable to provide our tune to Haltechs purchased from other sellers. If you have purchased one of our kits second hand and need support, please send us an email at with more details! **

Additional Info

Pre-Sales FAQ

Customers around the globe have chosen this kit to get the most our of their 20V powered cars!

To learn more about ECU Self tuning (Long Term Fuel Trim) and connecting your smart phone to use as a display, please see videos below:


 ***Not for use on public highways of any kind. For race use only!***