AE86 Roll Center Adjuster (RCA) for OEM Struts - 38mm

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Roll center adjusters (RCAs) help in two ways on a lowered car:  they reduce chassis roll, and they reduce bump steer from angled tie-rods. As the car is lowered, the invisible point where the center of gravity acts on the car while cornering (the roll center) is lowered as well.  This causes the car's center of gravity to put more leverage on the roll center, causing more body roll.  The tie rods also become angled upwards, causing noticeable bump steer as the tie rod articulates.   



Genuine BGRS Product

  • For OEM Strut cases only
  • Raises roll center on lowered car
  • Reduces bump steer and chassis roll
  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Precise fit, no slop
  • 38mm height (a bit more than commonly available units)
  • Includes 4x 8.8 grade bolts


Battle Garage Racing Service RCA's correct these issues by bringing the lower control arm and tie rod angle back to the original back to the ideal geometry.  Our RCA's have a tightly spec'd alignment dowels and center sleeve ensuring a snug fit. 

A note on NRCAs:   We do not recommend using NRCAs as the scrub radius is greatly increased.  This creates higher steering effort and more bump steer and steering wheel kick back.  They also make the wheel arc increased so you have less wheel clearance lock to lock!    To increase front track or camber, we recommend using longer lower control arms and adjustable camber plates. 

**This model for OEM strut cases only**

**These may cause clearance issues with the FC3S big brake kit.  The lower roll center our RCA's give may require you to trim the lip of the lower control arm a bit to have adequate rotor clearance**