BGRS AE86 Motorsports Driveshaft Loop - Fully Enclosed

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You guys asked and we listened!  We have some customers that were looking for a fully enclosed drive shaft loop for full on road racing or drag racing.  We made another variant that fully encloses the drive shaft making for a stronger structure, as well as reduce the risk of the drive shaft piercing the floor pan of the chassis.  

While we hope something like this never happens, we're glad to be able to offer a bit more protection if shxt hits the fan.  

This enclosed version does require the driveshaft to be disconnected to be installed.  If you want something a little more plug and play consider our single piece loop here.

AE86 Corollas came with 2 piece driveshafts from the factory for all trims, regardless of the powerplant.  A common modification is to replace the worn 2 piece unit with a lighter and simpler single piece driveshaft.   

However, did you know that an unbraced driveshaft is a serious safety risk?  If the U-joints or some other part of the driveshaft fail while at speed, the nose of the driveshaft can dig into the ground and literally pole vault the car into the air.  For this reason, many racing organizations require a bracket or some kind of containment device to be installed on cars using single piece driveshafts running from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

Link to Motor Trend Article - Drive Shaft Safety Loop

Our loops are made from 3/16th thick steel for strength and long-term durability.  After they are cut and bent, they are then treated to a thick coat black powdercoating.  These loops can be installed using the existing hardware that originally is used to fasten the driveshaft center bearing to the underside of the chassis.

The loops are shaped to allow for the driveshaft to vertically articulate as the rear axle compresses and rebounds.  Our test car was a stock 4AGE powered AE86 with moderately shorter shocks than OEM and there was plenty of clearance at full droop with the car in the air!

Part Fitment:

1983-1987  Toyota Corolla RWD – All Trims