BGRS AE86 Billet 6061 Cup Holder

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When Grant started BGRS, one of the first engineering projects he wanted to pursue was making a billet version of the original OEM cup holder. Having always been flimsy plastic, it was easily broken and lost. He thought it would be really cool to have a one-piece design machined out of a solid piece of billet 6061 Aluminum.


The original OEM cup holder may no longer be in production, but fear not! With our CNC-machined billet aluminum cup holder, you can say goodbye to spills and frustration. We made sure to design the BGRS Billet Aluminum Cup Holder to perfectly match the OEM specifications, ensuring seamless installation and a snug fit.
Say goodbye to balancing drinks precariously or dealing with spills during your daily commute or road trips. With our billet cup holder, you can keep your morning coffee or lunchtime diet coke securely in place while you focus on enjoying the ride.


Please note that this cup holder has the same general dimensions as the OEM piece, so the drinks are limited to what would have been available in the 80's: Soda Cans, bottles, small coffee cups. These will not fit larger "Big Gulp" sized drinks or coffee thermoses.

Fun fact: a surprising amount of engineering was done to emulate the original spring tension of the OEM cup holder by machining thin arms out of the single piece of billet.


Please note - while these should fit RHD cars as well, we haven't confirmed this.  Please drop us a line if you or a friend have tested on a RHD AE86 and can confirm fitment!