AE86 BEAMS 50mm RCA's For Aftermarket Coilovers

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We worked with Annex Suspension Group to develop an Roll Center Adjuster (RCA) for people running 3SGE BEAMS or F20C S2000 swapped AE86's and TE72's!  These RCAs are specifically designed for Annex or Fortune Auto coilovers and will NOT fit for OEM struts.   


The result was a 50mm T6 6061 Aluminum RCA with extra long mounting bolts.  This height of RCA will help to correct the roll center of an AE86 or TExx with an engine swap that pushes the subframe down lower than the factory position. 

Please note, we could have machined off the mounting bosses on the RCA to make it universal but we felt the bosses are an important safety feature that we wanted to retain, if possible. 

Priced per pair.  Add one set per car.   Each kit includes 4x High strength (12.9 grade!)  Socket head bolts and 2x RCAs. 

Please note: These RCA's lower the ball joint location significantly.  The lower edge of the ball joint may not clear 14" wheels without a +10mm or so spacer.  Please note that we recommend 15" wheels for engine swapped AE86's as you get more forward bite and a better tire selection!