JSP Fab 3SGE Beams V3 Blacktop 20V ITB Adapter Plate

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Achieve optimal performance and compatibility with the JSP Fab Beams v3 3SGE Blacktop 20v ITB Adapter Plate. This precision-machined billet aluminum adapter plate enables seamless integration of blacktop 20v 4AG individual throttle bodies onto your beams 3SGE engine.

With the release of their version 3 adapter plate, we've incorporated key enhancements to further elevate your engine's performance:
  • Throttle bodies are now positioned closer together, matching the OEM 20v throttle body spacing. This allows for the use of aftermarket air filters specifically designed for the 20v throttle body spacing, eliminating the need for a special filter plate.
  • The throttle bodies are shifted rearward toward the firewall, improving hood clearance for the number 1 throttle. This adjustment becomes particularly important when utilizing longer velocity stacks.
  • The adapter plate has been slightly reduced in thickness, moving the throttles closer to the engine and enhancing overall hood clearance.
Rest assured, the JSP Fab Beams v3 3SGE Blacktop 20v ITB Adapter Plate includes all-new hardware for a secure installation. Precision dowel pins are incorporated to ensure accurate throttle body alignment, while preinstalled vacuum fittings add convenience. The adapter is fully compatible with pull-down throttle cable kits.

Please note that this adapter is designed specifically for use with blacktop 20v throttles and is not compatible with Silvertop applications.
Also please note - our Pipercross filter adapter may not be compatible with the JSP ITB adapter as it was designed for the SQ Engineering version.  

Unlock the full potential of your engine with the JSP Fab Beams v3 3SGE Blacktop 20v ITB Adapter Plate. Elevate your performance and experience improved compatibility.