JSP Fab Beams 3SGE Billet Fuel Rail

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Introducing the JSP Fab Beams 3SGE Billet Fuel Rail, the ultimate upgrade for your engine. Engineered from solid 6061 billet aluminum, this fuel rail not only enhances the aesthetics of your engine bay but also delivers a host of improvements over the OEM counterpart. Prepare to be impressed by its remarkable features:

  1. Expanded Flow Volume: With a 1/2" through bore, this fuel rail boasts a 25% larger capacity than the stock rail, ensuring ample fuel flow for high-horsepower applications or when using large fuel pumps.

  2. AN Fitting Compatibility: Equipped with -8 ORB female threads on each end, the rail offers seamless conversion to AN fittings. This allows for easy attachment of aftermarket regulators using off-the-shelf adapter fittings.

  3. Pressure Gauge/Sensor Port: A convenient 1/8" NPT port is incorporated at the front of the rail, providing a hassle-free mounting point for a pressure gauge or sensor.

  4. Enhanced Injector Clip Clearance: The sleeker design of the fuel rail provides increased space for injector clips, particularly advantageous when utilizing aftermarket injectors.

  5. Improved Clearance for ITB Setups: The 12mm banjo fuel fitting has been intelligently relocated to optimize clearance for vehicles equipped with 20v 4AG individual throttle body setups.

  6. Versatile Port Options: The rail includes meticulously machined plugs for all ports, affording you the flexibility to utilize OEM fuel fittings, AN fittings, or a combination of both, according to your specific needs.

  7. Injector Size Options: Choose from two injector sizes, 11mm or 14mm, to accommodate your fuel system requirements. Opt for the 11mm size for OEM-sized injectors.

Experience the pinnacle of fuel rail performance and aesthetics with the JSP Fab Beams 3SGE Billet Fuel Rail. Crafted to exceed expectations, this exceptional component is now available for purchase.