Apex Wheels 17" VS-5RS Forged FRS, BRZ, 86, GR86

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  Front Rear
Wheel Size
  • 17x8.0" ET35/ET45
  • 17x8.5" ET35/ET45
  • 17x9.0" ET35/ET45
  • 17x9.5" ET35/ET45
  • 17x8.0" ET35/ET45
  • 17x8.5" ET35/ET45
  • 17x9.0" ET35/ET45
  • 17x9.5" ET35/ET45
Face Profile Profile C2; convex Profile C2; convex
Bolt Pattern 5x100mm 5x100mm
Center Bore 56.1mm 56.1mm
Centering Ring N/A Direct fit N/A Direct fit
Lug Seat 60 Degree Conical 60 Degree Conical
Load Rating 1,500 lbs 1,500 lbs
Weight ~15.8 lbs ~15.8 lbs
Tested By VIA VIA
Registration # STL-AX2-0004 STL-AX2-0004


NOTE: Price is for one (1) wheel


VS-5RS Features

10K tons of pressure

Apex Wheels new forgings weigh as much as 120 pounds before machining. To form such a thick blank they require special equipment capable of 10,000 metric tons of pressure. This extreme pressure increases the strength of the aluminum by eliminating porosity and improving the grain structure.


Big Brake Clearance

From day one, APEX has been on a mission to build wheels that clear big brakes. Our new forged wheels are the product of everything we’ve developed over the past 10+ years, including an innovative high-clearance barrel design and vehicle-specific spoke profiles.


True motorsport blanks

Many companies use 3rd-party blanks intended for non-motorsport wheels which can severely limit sizes, concavity, spoke design, and critical brake clearance. Apex designed their very own blank profiles from scratch which gives them total control over the final product, resulting in exceptionally deep spokes and stronger designs.


Side-milled spokes

To be as light as possible the VS-5RS features extra-deep, side-milled spokes. Any excess material that doesn’t add strength is carved out using a precision CNC ball cutter. Side-milling is often deemed cost-prohibitive by others, but for true performance without compromise we believe it's essential.


A stronger lightweight wheel

Apex forged Sprint™ wheels are lightweight without the strength compromises found on typical lightweight wheels. First, they carved out as much material as possible, then they purposefully added one pound back to reinforce critical areas, creating a stronger inner lip and a higher load rating.² What’s the point of a lightweight wheel if it’s fragile?


Weight optimized

APex conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to reinforce high-stress areas and to remove material where it didn’t improve strength. The result is a wheel that is exceptionally light without the strength compromises found on typical lightweight wheels.


Independently tested

Apex does not rely solely on computer simulations or unverifiable in-house testing. They believe independent testing is critical to protect consumers in this unregulated industry. They chose STL, an independent lab in Ohio, to test their Sprint™ wheels far above JWL standards, including increases in testing duration, impact drop height, and total load.


Tougher inner lip

Introducing the Sprint™ spec inner lip, with a unique channel profile that makes it even stronger than our previous designs. So even though their Sprint™ wheels are pounds lighter than comparable flow formed wheels, the inner lip is stronger.


Deeper concavity

Apex new forgings was redesigned to create extra deep, concave spoke profiles. Their new shape allows Apex to make any profile, from flat to deep and everything in between. Each one is optimized for a specific application using 3D laser scans of factory and aftermarket brake kits.


Paintless knurled beads

Whether it's a day at the track or months of street driving, repeated hard braking and acceleration can make a tire slip along the bead seat and go out of balance, causing vibration. Knurled beads help, but are less effective when painted over. Apex forged line features unpainted knurled beads that stay sharp and maximize grip.


Built for impact sockets

Track wheels need track tools. Don’t settle for wheels that require undersized tuner lugs or thin walled sockets. All APEX wheels accommodate over-sized race lugs and impact sockets to make swapping wheels lightning fast.


Additional Features

  • All VS-5RS wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications. Very few applications require centering rings.
  • All APEX wheels come with our gloss black cap included that is interchangeable with the OE cap. We also offer additional colors for select fitments.
  • APEX wheels can be used with all OEM mounting hardware, proper aftermarket hardware and most wheel spacers. Wheel locks and stud conversion kits also work perfectly.
  • All APEX wheels accept OEM and aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and standard fit valve stems. If you don’t have sensors, then select from our metal stems available in multiple finishes.

FT-86/BRZ/FRs VS-5RS Forged 17" 56.1mm 5x100mm Profile 1 60 Degree Conical