AE86 to Ford 8.8 Big Brake Kit

Regular price $1,095.00

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We are proud to release our new Big Brake Kit for the AE86 to Ford 8.8 swap.

For those going with shortened Ford Explorer 8.8's in their high HP AE86's this kit is the ticket.

You can order this kit in the following configurations:

Single calipers with no e-brake capability $750

Dual calipers with no e-brake capability (for those wanting normal brakes and hydro e-brakes) $1050

Single calipers with e-brake (comes with cables to tie into factory e-brake lever) $900

Dual Calipers with e-brake (comes with cables to tie into factory e-brake lever, as well as extra set of calipers for Hydro E-brake) $1200 

Calipers are 4 piston forged units, with quick change pad setup.   (NOTE:  THESE ARE ALL GRAY NOW, WILWOOD DISCONTINUED BLACK!)

Stainless steel teflon coated brake lines included.

All Mounting hardware included.

This kit WILL fit under nearly all 15" wheels. With E-brake capabilities it may be tight on some wheels.  We can provide a fitment template on request.

Your choice of rotors, from crossdrilled and slotted, as pictured, to slotted, drilled or  blank. Rotors are drilled in a 4/5 lug pattern. 

This kit will only fit Ford 8.8 rear ends. 



  • Blank rotors or Slotted available by request.