AE86 Koyo / OEM Toyota Ring and Pinion Differential Rebuild Kit

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Genuine Toyota OEM product

  • Suits AE86 Corolla GT-S with 6.7" ring and pinion
  • Fits 79-80 Celica with 6.7" ring and pinion
  • Includes genuine Toyota seales, gasket, crush sleeve.
  • Includes premium Koyo bearings pinion bearings, side bearings
  • Choose to upgrade to steel solid pinion spacer option for diffs that will be raced / driven hard.

  Photo Note: Side bearings have been switched to Koyo

Whether you are setting up a new OEM Toyota, Weir, Techno Pro Spirits or other JDM brand ring and pinion gear set, we recommend going with a genuine Toyota OEM rebuild kit with Koyo bearings to ensure your rear end a long life span. Although this Toyota kit includes the stock crush sleeve, due to high demand from our customers, we also offer an optional Solid Pinion Spacer add on. In our experience, the stock crush sleeve is notorious for failing under aggressive track and street use, especially from the stress of drifting as most Corollas tend to be lower powered, meaning more clutch kicks and shocks to the driveline over time.

We recommend using a solid pinion spacer on our cars regardless of how often they are driven, it's a more reliable alternative to keep the rear end fresh and functioning at the same tolerances for much longer.


Regardless of the differential or ring and pinion brand, it is smart to invest in some rear wheel bearings during your overhaul to insure a proper, smooth break-in procedure. We offer matching OEM Koyo wheel bearings for all four corners

Installation tips:

Setting up your new ring and pinion gear set is a highly technical task and will require special tools and experience.

You'll need a large bench vise, hydraulic or pneumatic bearing press and most importantly, a dial gauge to correctly measure the pinion depth and backlash between the gears.