AE86 Non-Cruise Control Throttle Accelerator Cable

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Upgrade your AE86 throttle control with our Non-Cruise Control Throttle Accelerator Cable. Specifically designed for GT-S 4AGE models, this cable is the essential solution for eliminating cruise control and ensuring smooth, responsive pedal operation. Ideal for 20V swaps, especially when routed near the front cam cover, it offers the ultimate fix for a sticky throttle pedal.


  • Genuine Toyota Part: Engineered to Toyota's exacting standards, guaranteeing reliability and durability.
  • Necessary for Deleting Cruise Control: The go-to solution for enthusiasts seeking to remove cruise control from their AE86.
  • Optimal Performance: Addresses sticky throttle pedal issues, ensuring a smooth and responsive driving experience.
  • Commonly Used on 20V Swaps: Perfectly suited for 20V engine swaps, particularly when routed near the front cam cover.
  • Clean 20V Install: Facilitates a clean 20V installation while maintaining flawless pedal operation.
  • Total Length of Cable: With a total length of 39 inches from the furthest point of the bracket to the cable's end, providing flexibility in installation.


  • For GT-S 4AGE: Tailored to seamlessly fit GT-S models with the 4AGE engine for precise compatibility.