AE86 Micro Big Brake Kit for 13 inch Wheels

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AE86 Owners have been praying for a Big Brake Kit that fits under 13 inch wheels and this big brake kit is the answer their prayers! Introducing the AE86 Micro BBK... modern stopping power for those wanting a classic look!

This kit is a 14 year evolution of the brake kit used on the Hasselgren AE86 featured by Hot Version and driven by famed racecar driver and AE86 legend Keiichi Tsuchiya!

BGRS had the honor of highlighting the Hasselgren AE86 at the 86 Day meet 2021!

Kit features:

252mm Blank, Slotted, or Cross Dimpled/Slotted rotors

Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers

Super thick pads for long endurance races

3 D machined caliper mounting brackets and rotor hats 

Stainless steel teflon coated brake lines

All mounting hardware included

This kit WILL fit under nearly all 13" wheels and we can provide a fitment template on request.

Your choice of brake pads from street to sport to full race

Your choice of rotors, from cross dimpled, as pictured, to slotted, or blank.

These rotors have been tested under the most grueling road race and rally conditions and have the heat dissipation capabilities required for all your needs.


  • Available with Blank, Slotted, or Cross Dimpled Rotors  
  • Wilwood street pads come standard, Race pads available upon request!
  • This kit is available for any vehicle using AE86 struts and requires 13" or larger wheels. Please call or email T3 with any questions.