AE86 Koyo / OEM Toyota Rear Axle Bearing Kit

AE86 Koyo / OEM Toyota Rear Axle Bearing Kit


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  • Save $3900

Genuine OEM Toyota Product

  • Fits Corolla GT-S (AE86) and Some 79-80 Toyota Supras with the 6.7" rear diff
  • Includes 2 axles worth of Inner, and outer Koyo bearings. 
  • Also includes Genuine Toyota OEM grease / oil seals



These OEM Toyota bearings manufactured by Koyo are top-notch quality, which means they’ll last you many years of abuse. Racing, drifting and spirited driving cook up excessively high temps in the small, versatile 6.7” solid rear axle, a perfect recipe for overheating rear wheel bearings.

Old, worn out rear wheel bearings are bound to cause gnarly vibrations and deflection in rear alignment (even though it’s a solid axle!) and if aren’t changed, If you’re breaking in a freshly built differential and gears, don’t skip out on these bearings, they’re worth the extra few dollars to ensure the maximum lifespan of your drive train!

We also stock Koyo OEM Toyota quality front wheel bearings – link -

Install tips:

These will need to be pressed onto each axle shaft using a specific hydraulic/pneumatic press machine. If you own or have access to one, make sure to remove each retaining collar on the axle before pressing the new bearing on.

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