AE86 Premium Japanese Brand / OEM Toyota Front Wheel Bearing Kit

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Genuine OEM Toyota Product

For front wheels for AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S and SR5 models, 84-87 (RWD only) 

  • Name brand Japanese bearings (Same bearings spec'd by Toyota!)
  • OEM Toyota grease seal (not pictured), dust cap, cotter pin and retaining cap!

These OEM Toyota bearings manufactured by Koyo are top-notch quality. You can literally feel the difference in how smooth these rotate compared to the aftermarket ones purchased at your local parts store. We expect that you will have longer wheel bearing life under high loads with Koyo bearings compared to cheaper options. 

Today's fashion of aftermarket coilovers, camber and low ride heights wears front wheel bearings out quicker than normal causing unwanted changes in alignment and nasty vibrations.

Includes the important OEM Toyota oil seals (not pictured) that goes in between the bearing and the brake dust shield, we don't recommend reusing your crusty old ones!

Installation tips:

The easiest way to install your bearings is to use a press, but it can also be accomplished via hand tools in your garage.

Once you've removed the pin, castle retainer and nut from the spindle assembly, slide off your hub and catch the old bearing making sure to save it. Clean the hub of any old grease, inside and out. There are two slots on the inside of the hub where you can use a hammer to carefully remove the old races. Take your time if you're using a hammer as it's easy to damage the bearing surface of the hub. Use the old bearings to hammer in your new races on each side of the hub and don't forget to hand press on the oil seal before sliding your fresh hub assembly onto the spindle!