OEM Toyota JDM Battery Conversion Kit

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With or Without Battery

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Save weight with a JDM battery conversion for LHD cars while freshening up your engine bay!  This kit includes all new OEM mounting hardware and plastic battery tray. 

Did you know that JDM batteries in AE86's are roughly 70% as large and heavy as the USDM batteries?   The US spec batteries are massive, especially considering how simple the cars are, and how small the 4A based engines are.   

Did you also know that JDM AE86's used smaller sized battery terminals?  This makes them incompatible with US cars, but don't worry, we've found a suitable replacement battery that will work with the JDM tray AND your USDM terminals and cables!  Just select that option when checking out.   

The optional battery is a high-quality Lead Acid (maintenance free) with 430-490 CCA (depending on battery brand), Plenty for your JDM or US spec 4AGE powered AE86. 

This kit WILL NOT work with your USDM battery!  You must downsize the battery when using this kit! This kit is compatible with the 51R family of batteries.

Lithium Ion batteries may not be able to be shipped internationally. If you need this outside of the USA please reach out and we can see if we are able to ship to your country.

However, this kit is plug and play with JDM AE86's as well as some European spec AE86's. 


The JDM sized battery is significantly lighter than the USDM battery size:


We have tested this battery size and it turns over a lightly modified 4AGE engine just fine.  We also tested multiple starts.  This battery size is suitable for regular, everyday, street use. 

Kit Includes:

  • X1 ROD 


  • Brand New Compact Lead Acid Battery - AC Delco Gold Series or equivalent

Part Fitment:

1983-1987  Toyota Levin / Trueno / RWD Corolla AE86 4AGE / 4AC