JSP Fab AE86 Front Jack / Tow hook

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The JSP Fab AE86 Front Jack/Tow Hook features an enlarged hook opening, allowing for easy and secure tie-downs. Say goodbye to straps pulling sideways on the ring, which can cause damage. With this upgraded tow hook, you can confidently secure your vehicle during transportation without compromising the integrity of the straps (see pics for reference).

In addition to the improved hook design, the JSP Fab AE86 Front Jack/Tow Hook also offers a lower jack point compared to the factory one. This design enhancement is particularly beneficial for lowered cars, as it enables jacks to reach the hook point more easily. No more struggling with jacks lifting the bumper while attempting to jack up the front end. Our jack point helps to minimize this issue, providing a more convenient and efficient lifting experience.

Crafted from laser-cut steel and zinc-plated for enhanced durability, these tow hooks are built to last. Each set includes two brackets and six M10 bolts, ensuring a secure and reliable installation.