AE86 Raybestos R-Line Disc Rotors

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Blank Brake Rotors are a cost-effective option, perfect for daily drivers or weekend warriors. They tend to be longer-lasting and less likely to crack compared to slotted and drilled.

We highly recommend Raybestos and Stoptech as both are reputable brands that have yet to let us down. 

Since 1902, Raybestos continues to be "The Best in Brakes" and a global leader of high-quality, innovative, and dependable brake and hydraulic products in the automotive aftermarket.

R-Line Raybestos Rotors are developed from OE samples and made with G3000-qualified material, ensuring form, fit, and function for dependable braking.

Lateral Runout & Thickness Variation

R-Line Rotors come with a lateral runout of 0.004″ or less and a thickness variation of less than 0.0005”, ensuring:

  • Less pedal pulsation 
  • Less brake noise
  • An extended pad life

Mill Balanced Edges

Our R-Line Rotors are mill balanced and 100 percent validated. This helps minimize the thickness variation on the rotor and leads to:

  • Proper balance 
  • Minimized vibration
  • Quieter and smoother stopping

Part Fitment:

1983-1987  Toyota AE86 Levin / Trueno / GT-S