AE86 Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing (OEM)

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AE86 Parts - Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing - Genuine Toyota Part (OEM)

Fits: 1984-1987 AE86 Corolla

If you have your driveline out for any reason, you should check your center support bearing for wear.  Sometimes the center bearing can develop wear, and the rubber can crack.  This will cause vibration when traveling at higher speeds, and can cause more wear to the entire drive shaft.  

1 piece drive shafts are a common modification, but they are much more prone to vibration from driveline harmonics than the OEM 2 piece design (there's a reason driveshafts are typically 2 piece).  We recommend keeping the OEM 2 piece driveshaft in service for cars that are driven primarily on the street!

We recommend using OEM Toyota parts where possible, as the build quality of the parts usually ends up being much nicer than aftermarket replacement parts.  

**These typically cost close to $300 from your local dealer.  We are offering the same OEM part for much less**