Beefy AE86 Door Hinges

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Genuine Toyota Parts

  • Beefier construction from late model Toyota
  • Last set of hinges you should ever need
  • Paint to match your car, or install as is
  • Choose Right Hand or Left Hand Side (when inside the car) when checking out. 
  • Most likely fit other Toyota models as well from the same era such as Cressidas, MA70 Supras, etc. 


You've got to open the door of your sports car to get in and let it rip, the first thing that you experience in almost any vehicle is the way that the doors open and close as you step into the nostalgic 80's airspace.

So your 30 year old doors are sagging and a pain to shut, these brand new Genuine Toyota hinges will fix that right up. They're quick and painless to install and will not only be satisfying to operate, they'll even give your old chassis some stiffness back!

Hinges are the vital component that should allow this action to happen smoothly but, after a few decades of use, slams and shuts, hinges wear out causing your heavy doors to come down with a rather drab and unpleasant sag.

These genuine Toyota hinges are beefier in construction without compromising fitment on your AE86, they pair perfectly with our brand new genuine Toyota door handles as well! 



Install tips:

Tools needed: 

-12mm socket, ratchet and an extension.

-An old towel

Do the hinges one at a time with the door completely shut. It's a good idea to take your fender off as you install them so that you don't have to worry about damaging your paint or bodywork. 


Start with the top hinge first making sure your door is completely shut. Loosen and remove the two 12mm bolts that attach the door to the hinge, this will take the weight off the hinge and chassis itself allowing for the bolts to slide out smoothly.

Next, loosen and the two bolts attaching the hinge to the chassis, start with the bottom bolt, then remove the top one so that you can easily slide the hinge out. 

Slide in your new top hinge and reinstall the the two bolts holding the hinge to the chassis first, making sure they're finger tight and not too snug. This is imperative for fitment as it's best to tighten the two bolts that hold the door to the hinge down first, then torque the hinge to the chassis.

Now step back and test the door operation by opening and closing it slowly. If you're satisfied, (you will be) grab your towel, fold it in half and lay it lengthwise across the weatherstripping. Shut the door completely and move onto removing the bottom hinge. The towel is key for door fitment as it pushes the door up to tension everything as if it were from the factory.

Enjoy the luxuriously smooth feeling of your brand new door hinges and don't forget to keep them lubed for a long life!