JSP Fab AE86 Drift Button

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Introducing the JSP Fab AE86 Drift Button, the ultimate solution to address the annoying rattle and provide a personalized touch to your AE86 driving experience. No more settling for generic drift buttons that don't quite meet your expectations.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the JSP Fab AE86 Drift Button offers a precise fit for the AE86 handle, eliminating any unwanted slop. Crafted from high-quality materials such as Delrin or aluminum, these magical buttons are engineered to bring harmony and inner peace to your driving moments.

The JSP Fab AE86 Drift Button strikes the perfect balance between functionality and usability. Its slightly larger shape than the handle's diameter makes locking easy while preventing accidental unlocking from bumps or vibrations.

This drift button is a must-have for various scenarios. Whether you're parking your car, waiting at traffic lights or stop signs, executing controlled drifts around corners on rainy days when no one is watching, or simply needing a fidget-friendly accessory to keep you engaged during conversations, the JSP Fab AE86 Drift Button is there to enhance your driving pleasure.

A must-have for anyone who does the following:

1. Park your car
2. Sits at traffic lights, stop signs, or other nonmoving places.
3. Pulls the Ebrake around corners when it rains and nobody is looking
4. Likes to fidget with things when the person sitting next to you won’t stop talking.

Warning: drift button calms your soul but does not make people stop talking. Use at your own risk.