AE86 Cusco Control Arms - Lightweight N1 Links

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Genuine Cusco Product - AE86 Cusco Control Arms - Lightweight N1 Links

Refresh the rear suspension connecting the vital live axle to the chassis with high quality N1 control arms manufactured by Cusco.

These non-adjustable, fixed links are comparable to more sporty OEM replacement control arms, fitted with Cusco’s higher durometer metal/ plastic resin hybrid bushings which allow for more performance without sacrificing comfort and increased road noise or vibration.

Bent rear control arms or worn out bushings can result in a myriad of issues including, but not limited to: Wheel hop under acceleration or cornering, accelerated ring and pinion wear from thrust angle misalignment, floaty, unpredictable handling characteristics, change in wheel alignment and overall poor performance. These links are crucial to your AE86’s power delivery and we all know that it needs all the help It can get.

  • Lightweight steel construction painted in Cusco’s signature blue hue
  • Hybrid Plastic/Metal stiffened high quality bushings
  • Rigid fixed OEM design
  • Guaranteed first time fit and hassle free installation
  • NAPAC certified OEM or better quality