AE86 Bride Seat Rails - Type RO

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Genuine BRIDE product

High quality and guaranteed first time fitment bottom mount seat rails from world renowned racing seat manufacturer, BRIDE!

These easy to install, adjustable seat rails are ideal for reclining and fixed bucket seats, geared toward drivers who prefer an OEM seat mounting height as opposed to the LR (LOW MAX) type seat rail.

  • Sleek gloss black finish
  • Super low mounting position. 
  • Dual locking rail with a satisfying “click” to ensure you’re in and safe
  • Easy to adjust single, bottom mounted handle just under the final leg pad
  • Comparable to OEM AE86 seat height
  • Compatible with stock AE86 seat belts
  • Suits most bottom mount seats including Recaro SR ad L series, Cuga, Vorga, and reclining low max series. 
  • Choose Left or Right (when inside the car) when checking out